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Eclipse-based tools for semantic mapping and data transformation, with extensions for HL7 V2 and V3.

Purpose: They can map, translate and test HL7 V2 to other data formats, or V3 to other data formats, or V2 - V3 in either direction.

Product Family:

  • HL7 V2
  • HL7 V3

HL7 Functional Areas:

  • Implementation


  • Java

Version Rollout Date Last Update License
1.1.2 unspecified

Assessment: (done: 2016-08-13)

People and Organizations associated with V2 & V3 Mapping Tools:

none identified


  • 2016-06-18 (initial load) Tooling Development Status: 4 - Beta a. ensure your system is running Java 1.6; and b. create a folder C:Xlib to hold temporary files.