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HL7-defined vocabulary domain tables have been developed for coded class attributes and are stored in the HL7 repository. A number of views have been extracted from these to produce the HL7 Vocabulary Domain Listings for the HL7 Reference Information Model (RIM). The most current Access data base for both RIM and Vocabulary is always available as a Design Repository ("rimRepos" download) from the HL7 Project Gforge site under the Design Repository Project.

Purpose: Provides a HL7 defined vocabulary

Product Family:

  • HL7 V3

HL7 Functional Areas:

  • Standards Development


  • Web Delivered

Version Rollout Date Last Update License
1360-20160323 2016-04-28 HL7 License

Assessment: (done: 2016-08-13)

People and Organizations associated with Version 3 Vocabulary Database:

none identified


  • 2016-06-01 (initial load) You can also view the Version 3 Vocabulary on the V3 Ballot Web Site using the following link: Version 3 Vocabulary page in the V3 Ballot Website (