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An OID is a globally unique ISO (International Organization for Standardization) identifier. Registered OIDs are presented in the OID Registry.

Purpose: creation of OIDs for HL7 users registry for OIDs

Is Core to supporting an HL7 process

Product Family:

  • HL7 V2
  • HL7 V3
  • HL7 CDA

HL7 Functional Areas:

  • Standards Development
  • Implementation
  • Registry/Repository


  • Web Delivered
  • Cold Fusion

Version Rollout Date Last Update License

Assessment: (done: 2016-08-13)

People and Organizations associated with OID Registry:

  • Ted Klein -Historical Context- (

  • HL7 International -Maintainer- (

  • Wilfred Bonney -Maintainer-