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The Open Health Workbench is the open-source subset of the clinical modeling and data standards tooling platform used by the English National Health Service. B2 International developed the Open Health Workbench in close cooperation with the English National Health Service to improve their real-world HL7 version 3 implementation issues. As the primary adopter of HL7 v3, NHS Connecting for Health is particularly well-suited to identify tooling to improve their message development tasks.
Static Model Comparison (MIF Diff)
Message Instance Editor
MIF Editor
Validation Framework
Test Message Generator

Purpose: Support the development of HL7 v3 messages.

Product Family:

  • HL7 V3

HL7 Functional Areas:

  • Implementation


  • Java
  • Model Interchange Format


  • MIF Schemas
  • HL7 V3 Design Repository
Version Rollout Date Last Update License
version 1.0 2008-04-01 EPL

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