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Full Name: C-CDA 2.1 Samples and Query Tool

A web query tool to support the searching and retrieval of C-CDA R2.1 sample instances. The tool will process a set of sample files stored in GitHub to produce a database that supports a web interface to specify various query parameters.

Purpose: Enable C-CDA implementors to research and retrieve samples instances using a variety terms and words

Product Family:

  • HL7 CDA

HL7 Functional Areas:

  • Implementation


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Web Delivered
  • Relational D/B
  • GitHub

Version Rollout Date Last Update License
1.0 2016-10-20 2016-11-11 EPL

Assessment: (done: 2016-08-13)

People and Organizations associated with C-CDA 2.1 Samples and Query Tool:

  • Andy Stechishin -Developer- (+1 780-903-0885 |

  • Brett Marquard -Project Administrator/Tester/Help Desk Support- (


  • 2016-08-04 (initial load) Application contains on on-line tour to explain operation for end users. The tour describes the screens components and their use. System operation descriptions and an overview exists in the main README on the GitHub repository which can be found at